Solar Energy Focus Magazine
Solar Energy Focus Magazine
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Solar Energy Focus Magazine

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Solar Energy Focus is a magazine launched by Cougar Solar in 2014 to mark its 5 year anniversary.

It is the number one resource for individuals and businesses interested in solar energy (and renewable energy).

The aim of this magazine is to be both informative and educative, as its contents covers both technology guides and current news in the Solar (and renewable) energy industry, UK wide and internationally.

What can you expect from this magazine? The latest news and events in the solar and renewable energy industry as well as a range of guides to give you a better understanding of the technology that uses and/or harnesses solar energy. We also cover ways on how to make money using solar energy

Cougar Solar is a company with a clear goal: to offer a range of solar products for personal, home and business use. Solar energy is an unlimited resource and we would like to unlock its full potential for your benefit.

As part of our eco pledge, this is a digital magazine. Please contact us if you would like a print version.

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