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Going Abroad? An Essential Checklist

After booking your dream holiday abroad, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and anticipation of the experiences that lay ahead. Whatever the location, or type of getaway planned, it is important to be aware of problems that could pop up to scupper the chances of a happy getaway. Even if your […]

Festivals: A Beginners Guide to Surviving the Chaos [2]

Many online sites now offer a game changer for the serial festival attendee in the form of disposable toilets. These won’t be suitable for every festival, as you still need to find a private spot, away from prying eyes. However, the eco-friendly and simple design provides an alternative to the chemical portaloo’s that leave a […]

Smartphones: How not to run out of charge

When mobile phones initially came on the market, a fully charged battery lasted around a day or two. As time went on, the battery life improved and you could get over a week’s use from your mobile phones before the battery went flat. This began the quest for a mobile phone that could be used […]

Solar Energy: What you may not know

Facts you may not know about solar energy To so many of us, solar energy is one of those fuzzy concepts that we barely know much about. Oh yes, we know enough to help us contribute coherently to social discussions, but deep down within, we barely grasp the full impacts, benefits, and inner workings, of […]

A Must Have This Christmas

Using a solar charger today is becoming standard practice, both for business and personal use. A new report by the U.S. group Global Industry Analytics says that the demand for digital devices combined with a boost in the innovative energy technologies means more and more people are turning to solar chargers. The Global Industry Analytics […]

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