Solar Heater Launch by Cougar Solar


WITH an average family forking out around £1,300* a year to keep their home warm, it’s not difficult to see why most are looking for ways to reduce their energy bills.

That’s why more and more UK households and businesses are turning to solar power to make their hard-earned cash go a little further.

“At Cougar Solar, we doubt that the cost of heating would ever reduce drastically and to help people save money, our new Solar Heater would come in handy,” said Bunmi Alao, managing director of Cougar Solar, a company that specialises in innovative and revolutionary solar products for both home and business owners.

“If you look at the figures, the cost of energy has been rising way beyond the rate of inflation over recent years, at around nine per cent year on year. With wages frozen at the same time, it’s not difficult to see how many are struggling to continue heating their home and are left wondering how to meet the payments.”

Although Ed Miliband last week promised to freeze energy costs for the first 20 months Labour is in office, many homeowners can’t afford to wait until 2015 to snip a little off their gas and electricity bills.

To address the issue, Cougar Solar is set to launch its new Solar Heater at The Business Show in November (stand 304). A special introductory price is available for those who pre-order.

The slim line heater, which can be wall or roof mounted, collects cool air and cleverly turns it into warm air that is blown into the room using a fan. A heat absorbing sheet at the core of the unit takes on the sunlight and uses it to heat the cool air. As the Heater is thermostatically controlled, the fan turns off once a specified temperature has been reached.

Producing warm air all day, even on overcast days, the Solar Heater enables householders to potentially saving hundreds of pounds on energy bills each year.

Bunmi said: “Today’s home and business owners are not only looking for ways to save money but also turn to more environmentally friendly solutions as well; this is exactly what the Solar Heater provides. With a low carbon footprint, it’s a perfect partner to existing systems.”

Cougar Solar’s product range includes solar home systems, solar streetlights, solar chargers and solar torches – all manufactured to the highest industry standards and quality control. They are distributed worldwide, through a network of wholesalers and distributors, and appeal to those who are looking for viable, cost-effective methods to improve the quality of life and reduce environmental pollution.

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*Source – Ofgem, mid-September 2013, average energy bill (electricity and gas combined) is £1315

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