Solar Energy: What you may not know

Facts you may not know about solar energy

To so many of us, solar energy is one of those fuzzy concepts that we barely know much about. Oh yes, we know enough to help us contribute coherently to social discussions, but deep down within, we barely grasp the full impacts, benefits, and inner workings, of this wonderful human discovery. There is no doubt that if we did, there would be a mass craving for everything solar. In our homes, on the streets, offices, everywhere!

We all know that solar energy is derived from sunlight. And through its panels, solar devices are able to absorb and retain energy emitted from the sun. It is this direct energy from the sun that is then preserved and turned into solar energy. But, beyond this elementary knowledge, solar energy means much more. For instance:

  1. It is renewable. If you possess a solar-powered device, then it means that you never need to worry about running out of its source: sunlight. As long as there is day and night, you will always have a consistent source of energy. Imagine a solar lantern that never goes out of power; imagine a day when you never have to worry again about buying those little batteries, just to power your wrist watches. Welcome to a solar-powered living.
  2. It is green: For what it’s worth, do you know that in your own little capacity you can also contribute positively to the reduction of global warming?! Now that may seem a little bit of a stretch, but no kidding, if we all choose to do away with all the carbon-emitting machines in our homes and on our streets, then the world would have gone a long way in its efforts towards preserving its habitat.  Why do we have to self-destruct? Destroying our own home, and making it uninhabitable for the incoming generations, when there is a better alternative. But, remember, it all starts with you. Ok, maybe you didn’t know, but now you do.
  3. It is affordable: One of the greatest misconceptions we have about solar energy is that the panels are hugely expensive to set up, therefore unaffordable. That might still be true, but if you look at it from another angle; wouldn’t you rather like to pay a lump sum upfront and enjoy non-taxable, free, constant and reliable power forever? This seems to be a good deal. The fact is solar energy will pay for itself many times over. No more monthly bills, no more fear of being cut out of the power grid. You are now the sole administrator of your own power company. Sounds great, right?

But besides powering the entire home, advances in solar technology has made possible, various cheap and affordable solar products that you can begin to use now. For instance, our Rhino Solar charger might set you back with £94.08, but, it can be used to charge your everyday items like mobile phones, Mp3 players, Game consoles, and tablet computers, anything that uses battery. As you begin to save for the comprehensive home package panels, this is a good place to start. You too can begin to enjoy solar energy, even now!








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