Smartphones: How not to run out of charge

When mobile phones initially came on the market, a fully charged battery lasted around a day or two. As time went on, the battery life improved and you could get over a week’s use from your mobile phones before the battery went flat. This began the quest for a mobile phone that could be used for at least 10 days before the battery went completely flat.

All that was before smartphones became popular and with their added features, the battery reverted back to lasting not much more than a day again.

Consequently, people needed chargers they can easily use on the go and while chargers are not hard to find and come in all sorts of variety, really useful ones are less common.

One type is the wall charger; however, you need a wall for this and it is of no use when you are outdoors. USB charging via a computer and car chargers are also much used – but a car charger only works in the car and charging via a computer, well you can guess. The result is that between them all they leave large gaps when you have no way of charging your precious means of communication.

How about when you travel to a different country with a different wall socket type?

What you need is a charger that you can use whilst walking, in a train, restaurant or wherever in the world you happen to be. One that will also charge whilst you are in a car and at home would be better still.

There really is only one product that fulfills this requirement and that is a solar powered charger.

A solar powered charger is a lightweight, portable device that comes with a solar panel and internal batteries. Most solar chargers are small enough to fit into the palm of your hand and therefore take up little space in a pocket or bag. The beauty about solar chargers is that you do not need a lot of sunshine to charge the internal batteries. As long as the solar panels are exposed to light, their internal batteries get charged. There are some solar chargers that, in addition to being charged by the sun, can be charged via a USB.

With a solar charger, you can use it to charge your smartphone (and other small digital devices) anywhere and everywhere, so you need never run out of charge. Solar chargers eliminate the need for universal chargers when you travel. You don’t need to worry about running out of charge in the train or whilst at a festival or on that camping trip.

Mobile phones and digital devices are connected to the solar chargers with the use of adapters. If a particular mobile phone or digital device adapter is not included with the solar charger as standard, you can get an extra Solar Adapter from a long list for only a few pence extra. These adapters include most of the top brands and also male, female and micro USB adapters, so you should find something to suit your model.

Not only will a solar charger let you keep your mobile phone topped up during your working day and fun evenings, but it also lets you have a phone that will work all weekend if you happen to spend a couple of days away.

Businessmen and women find Cougar Solar chargers invaluable for travelling as do holiday makers. This is because it affords peace of mind by ensuring you can raise your device’s battery level wherever you are without having to dash around looking for a power point and hoping your foreign travel adapter fits.

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