This Christmas’ Must Have Gift

That time of year is fast approaching when we need to come up with some innovative and creative gift ideas for friends and family on our Christmas lists.

If you’re like me, you’ll have a diverse group of people to buy gifts for, all with different interests and personal tastes.  Suppose I told you that there is one gift that you can buy your friends and family, and they will all be thrilled, regardless of age, hobbies, lifestyle or personal taste?

That gift is the Rhino Solar Charger from Cougar Solar. This amazing and convenient piece of technology will appeal to a wide group of people, including business people on the move, eco-friendly folks, green people and gadget lovers. As well, landscape photographers and travellers will truly value the Rhino Solar Solar Charger for its design, light-weight and portability.

This charger is ideal for people on the go. We’ve all been in a situation where we are at an airport or train station and cannot find a power point. With the Cougar Solar Rhino Charger you don’t need to worry about not being able to charge your devices and gadgets. It will charge most mobile phones (including smartphones), tablets (e.g. Ipads) and GPS devices.

The Rhino Solar Charger is small, slim and light-weight, weighing in at just 200 grams, and measures just 120 x 73 x 10 mm – roughly the size and weight of a bar of chocolate.

But don’t confuse small and light with not packing a punch! The Cougar Solar Rhino Solar Charger is up there when it comes to power – with a storage capacity of a stunning 4,000 milliampere hours (mAH).

In addition to charging by sunlight, an AC adaptor can be used to charge the Rhino Solar Charger, or you can charge it with a laptop via a USB cable. This means that you have a ready power supply wherever you are in the world.  The Cougar Solar Rhino Solar Charger can be used with multiple devices. Standard adapters are available for Nokia (small and large pin), and Sony Ericsson phones, while optional extra adaptors can be purchased (e.g. for Blackberry, iPhones and HTC phones).

Solar chargers like the Cougar Solar Rhino Solar Charger are gaining massive world-wide appeal because they offer real convenience and portability, so order yours now!


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