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Using a solar charger today is becoming standard practice, both for business and personal use. A new report by the U.S. group Global Industry Analytics says that the demand for digital devices combined with a boost in the innovative energy technologies means more and more people are turning to solar chargers.

The Global Industry Analytics report says that portable devices like the Rhino Solar Charger from Cougar Solar are a big advantage.  This is because if you are travelling with a lot of electrical and/or digital devices you may find that you need an extra bag to fit in all the chargers, cables and adaptors! This won’t be necessary with a Rhino Solar Charger as this charger really is global – it just needs the sun or exposure to UV light to charge the built-in battery.

The Global Industry Analytics report says that the solar charger market and use of devices like the Cougar Solar Rhino Solar Charger is growing at a healthy rate. This is because the ability to recharge a device immediately is a big attraction. We’ve all found ourselves somewhere with a dead Ipad or mobile phone battery and no access to conventional power sources. If you are stranded without power you can be cut off from the world and miss that all-important communication or phone call.

Other advantages of the Cougar Solar Rhino Solar Charger are that it is green and eco-friendly and doesn’t give off any emissions. The charger is durable, has a long life and requires negligible maintenance, especially as it has no moving parts.

But even if some of the folks on your Christmas list aren’t especially concerned about being eco-conscious, everyone wants to save money and that’s another good reason for using a solar mobile charger. A recent report by U.K. energy firm E.ON shows that U.K. households waste a staggering £134 million a year over charging their devices!  E.ON’s report said that one-fifth of people leave their devices plugged in and charging even when the device is fully charged.  This practice wastes money and can also damage some devices. The E.ON study said that each home could save an impressive £60 a year by not over charging electrical devices. Another way to save that £60 is by using the Rhino Solar Charger from Cougar Solar!

A Cougar Solar Rhino Solar Charger is the perfect solution for everyone. It saves money and is incredibly easy to pack into your handbag, backpack, camera bag or hand luggage.

The popularity of portable solar chargers is powering forward as the technology behind these products evolves rapidly. But if you think that the evolution of portable solar chargers is all about technology, with style and substance being left behind, think again!  With the Rhino Solar Charger from Cougar Solar there is no compromise on style. The design is beautiful and simple, and the colour combination of grey and silver gives the Rhino Solar Charger a modern and elegant finish that will appeal to all tastes.

The key advantages of the Rhino Solar Charger are that:

  • The Rhino Solar Charger charges a wide range of devices including most mobile phones (e.g. smartphones), tablets (e.g. Ipads) and GPS devices
  • A variety of devices can be charged by the Rhino Solar Charger as a wide range of adapters are available to connect to the Rhino Solar Charger
  • The Rhino Solar Charger is incredibly powerful, with a 4000 mAH built-in battery
  • The built-in battery is charged by the sun, thus the charger can be used anywhere in the world
  • The Rhino Solar Charger is easy to pack and light-weight, weighing just 200 grams and measuring 120x73x10 mm

Never again be without power no matter where you are in the world.

To find out more about the Cougar Solar Rhino Solar Charger click here. Cougar Solar also sells many other solar chargers and solar charging devices. Whatever solar charger you buy, it will be appreciated and well-used.

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