Festivals: A Beginners Guide to Surviving the Chaos [2]

Many online sites now offer a game changer for the serial festival attendee in the form of disposable toilets.Portable toilets festivals These won’t be suitable for every festival, as you still need to find a private spot, away from prying eyes. However, the eco-friendly and simple design provides an alternative to the chemical portaloo’s that leave a lasting impression on so many for all the wrong reasons.

When Camera Phones and digital cameras were first introduced to our lives some years ago, they revolutionised the way we record our memories. Nowadays, the latest smartphones have revolutionized the way we get agitated due to a failing battery and lack of memory. To reduce your agitation threshold, ensure you have packed enough of the relevant memory card for your device. This is especially important if you intend to take video footage (and again if it’s a HD recorder). Visit www.amazon.co.uk for a wide range of memory cards.

2013 Festivals If you intend to use your mobile phone to record footage and capture snaps of the festival, you can be assured that the battery will drain at an astounding rate, and with no power outlets available, you risk missing the chance to get picture evidence of your epic weekend. Fortunately this has a simple solution which doesn’t require stockpiling spare batteries – Solar Chargers. Visit Cougar Solar online shop to find a selection of solar chargers which can be used to charge most mobile phones and portable digital devices, thus eliminating the disappointment of seeing the perfect picture opportunity pass you by because of a low battery level.

Of course you will be most vulnerable to equipment failures at night and it is therefore inevitable that this is when most will occur. Hence, another essential item is a source of light. Don’t take the risk of finding yourself out of torch batteries and unable to find your jumper, spare boots, mobile phone or last crate of lager. With a solar powered light source, such as the Cougar Solar 3 in 1 Solar Lantern, the internal batteries charge during the day and then stand ready at night to guide your inebriated, weary head to your rain soaked pillow/rolled up jumper.

With most festivals trying to be more and more eco-friendly year on year, there are some choices we can all make to help. Although your tent may be wet and dirty, please take it away with you. The materials used in most are non recyclable and are therefore an ecological problem. The same can be said for abandoned BBQ sets and clothing.

To keep up to date with the latest technologies and to help with the green effort, avoid the risk of leaving alkaline batteries behind from torches by checking out http://www.cougarsolar.com/ for an extensive range of solar torches, solar lanterns and solar chargers.  Cougar Solar Products

If you remember to put in a bit of preparation work before you set off, you will be able to spend less time worrying about crippling stomach cramps or hypothermia, and more time indulging in the atmosphere of your first festival….. Enjoy!!

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