Festivals: A Beginners Guide to Surviving the Chaos [1]

The sights and sounds of Glastonbury may be over for another year, but this year’s festival season has only just begun.

From T in the park on the 12th of July, to Creamfields in August, all the way through to September’s Bestival on the isle of Wight (full festival listings here), music lovers of all descriptions will be starting to think about the kit list required to survive this year’s chaos.2013 Festivals

If you’ve been there, done that, you will have a pretty good idea, from your experiences, which gadgets and kits come in handy.

If on the other hand, you are venturing out into this world for the first time, there is a good chance you will either pack an excessive array of weird and wonderful products, most of which are of no use whatsoever, or take so little that hunger cramps are inevitable on day 2. To help you have a stress free and enjoyable festival experience, besides good music and an incredible atmosphere, it is essential that relevant technological aids are taken to ensure a positive first festival experience.

Foremost in your planning should be your accommodation. If you plan to stay on-site for the duration of the festival, you will most likely be staying on the festival camp-site (check your ticket for information on your camp site). You could always book a local hotel or B&B, but most festival goers choose to completely immerse themselves in the atmosphere, by staying on-site.  More often than not a two man tent will suffice and when decked out with a couple of sleeping bags, they can be relatively comfortable, especially if the rain is minimal. If you feel a little apprehensive in taking on an overly complicated tent construction, take a look at some of the options on websites such as www.amazon.co.uk. Type in pop up tent in the search box and you will be greeted with a wide array of designs, starting from £20, that literally pop up. Then it is a simple case of inserting some tent pegs to stop your temporary home from being blown away. Many of these, including the “Milestone Camping Two Person Pop Up Tent”, will keep you protected from a typical British summer, and the inevitable downpours it will bring. If you wish to help the environment with a “greener” tent, try http://on.aol.com/video/myhab-recyclable-tents-517351131 for some inspiration.

Next should be the planning for provisions, i.e. food and drink. A trip to your local supermarket should provide you with enough disposable BBQ’s to last the duration. These generally come with easy to use instructions and require only a heat source, such as matches or a lighter to get them started. However, you need to check the festival rules and regulations to make sure you comply with the BBQ and camp fire policy at the site. Add to this a cool box filled with bacon, sausage, bread and butter, and you shouldn’t go too far wrong. For drinks, whilst you may be stocking up on your favorite tipple (be it a chardonnay, few bottles of vodka or a few crates of beer or lager), it is still recommended you stockpile some bottled water to help with the hangovers or for a morning tea or coffee.

Spare clothes are a must as are waterproofs and wellies (especially towards the end of the night) as function will outrank style when the inevitable downpours soak the unprepared to the bone.

Continued in part 2

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