Business electricity bill: 4 simple ways to reduce it

If you run a business either as the owner or a manager, you are quite aware that there are a lot of overheads to pay out; from wages, bills, lease/rent, stock etc. Sometimes it may feel like all of your profit goes out the moment it comes in. Whilst we can accept that there are some expenditures we have no control over, there are some that are within our power to control e.g. the electricity bill.

Here are some tips on how you can reduce your electricity bill:

  • Turn things off – Whilst this may seem obvious, not everyone turns off all their electrical devices when they are not in use. By turning off your lights and electrical devices (especially overnight and at weekends), you are bound to see a decrease in your electricity bill. Make sure that all your computers, printers, photocopiers, vending machines, coffee dispensers etc are turned off.
  • Energy Saving Light Bulbs – Swapping your regular light bulbs to energy saving light bulbs can really help you save on your electricity bill. The fact that they last longer makes them doubly cost-effective. When you switch as many of your light fittings as possible to these bulbs, you are bound to see a decrease in your annual electricity bill.
  • Laptops V Desktop PCs – Per annum laptops use around 85% less electricity than desktop PCs, thus making them the more energy efficient choice. However, if your needs are best met by a desktop PC rather than a laptop, then it is better to choose one with the Energy Saving Trust Recommended label. This means that the desktop uses less energy in sleep and standby mode, not just when in use.
  • Solar Powered Mobile Phone Chargers – Most solar chargers come with an internal battery that stores solar energy so that the charger is available for use at a later date and time. The beauty about solar chargers is that you do not need a lot of sunshine to charge the internal batteries. As long as the solar panels are exposed to light, their internal batteries get charged. There are some solar chargers that, in addition to being charged by the sun, can be charged via a USB. These days most of us have more than one mobile phone and tablet PC. We are usually out and about for most part of the day and due to the numerous applications that our phones have, their batteries do not last very long. So it is quite handy to have at least one good quality solar charger in the work place, especially for those businesses that provide mobile phones to their staff. This way, instead of using the work place sockets to charge phones, staff can use the solar chargers to charge them. Another benefit is that these solar chargers are lightweight and portable, so where necessary, staff can take them out with them and not end up with a flat battery before the end of the day. The fact that you would be doing your bit for the environment is also great

If there are other things you do to reduce your bill, please leave a comment

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